Choosing The Right Dog For Your Life and Lifestyle

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So, you finally decided to get a dog. How exciting! But before taking on the responsibility of a dog make sure that you have covered all the important basis. Here is some food for thought although does not cover all basis. If you have a family, make sure that everyone is willing to care for him. Feeding, playing, exercise, potty training, manners, and grooming are all things that every dog needs. Some need more then others. Some are low maintenance and some are high maintenance. But they all take time and expense. But, usually in the long run, they are worth it.

Now that you have decided to get a 4 legged buddy, have you decided on the breed? Although differences vary from dog to dog, breeds tend to have predictable traits and appearance. Just like people, dogs come in long haired, short haired and in-betweens! Some shed WAY more then others and some hardly at all. If allergies run in the family you might think of dogs that are hypo-allergenic. Nothing would be worse then getting a new dog and finding out that one of your family members is allergic to it and that you have to re-home it after everyone has fallen in love with him! Do make sure to do your due diligence on researching all the good and bad traits of each breed type. Some breeds can be more aggressive, that is from breeding of genetically similar dogs. Mixed breeds often make excellent pets and adopting one is a good way to avoid inherited diseases like the aggressiveness or hip dysplasia.

Unless you have the time and space don’t choose a a very active dog. Like a Jack Russell Terrier. Bored dogs can become destructive. I LOVE Jacks but they can drive you CRAZY!  They are like someone on 10 cups of coffee or more. And they are very good jumpers and diggers. Make sure you have a HIGH fence and don’t care about those beautiful flowers you just planted. For apartment dwellers, less active breeds may be best. Toy breeds can get plenty of exercise right in the hall of your apartment but some can be quite noisy.

Think about the grooming requirements of your dog. Long coated dogs have beautiful, thick coats but it takes a good deal of time and effort to keep it that way. Daily or every other day brushing is best. Short haired dogs take less grooming but they shed all year long. Non shedding breeds are great but they must be clipped regularly, which is an additional cost, if done professionally. (I once had a Giant Airedale Terrier. Thought I’d take a crack at grooming him. His name was Max. By the time I was done, we nick named him Patch!). Tip: take them to someone who knows how to groom. On the other hand he never looked in the mirror so I don’t think he was bothered! 🙂

Have you decided on a Male or Female? Males, in general, may be more inclined to fight and have more behavioral problems. So, families with children, especially small ones, may be better with a female as a first-time pet. Dogs of either sex are equally good as companions or watchdogs.

Also, try to NEVER give a dog as a Christmas present. Dogs are not PRESENTS. They are a LIFETIME COMMITMENT. Think twice.

If you do decide to get a dog, have FUN!! You’ll never regret it. As always Dawgylove believes A House Is Not A Home Without A Woof! Check out all of are supplies, treats, health items, etc. Thank you for visiting!