So You Want A Dog BUT You Are Allergic To Them!

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So, you really want a dog. Really, REALLY!! But you have found out that the reason your family never had one is because they found out that you are allergic to dogs. You remember the day , as a child, that your parents FINALLY got you a puppy. You were so elated because that’s all you asked for every Christmas, birthday, Easter, or anytime you could bring up the subject. And your parents finally relented. You came home from school one day and there in your mom’s lap is the cutest little puppy. A German Shepard. Mom even let you name him. You settled on the name Scamp. He trotted all over after you all that day and evening. You were in Heaven! Mom even let him sleep with you because he was crying and was lonely. After all, he was a puppy! BUT in the morning you woke up with red, swollen, almost sealed shut eyes, coughing, runny nose and sneezing like crazy. Mom took your temperature but you had no fever. She didn’t want to say anything then but she made an appointment with the doctor because this continued and was not seeming to let up. Long story short, your  doctor found out that you were allergic to dogs. No!!! Unfortunately Scamp had to be rehomed and it broke your heart. It was all you thought about for years. You never forgot the short, wonderful time you had with him.

Fast forward and you find yourself settling down with a wife and planning on starting a family. But the desire for a dog was still instilled in your heart. You told your wife about the story with Scamp and she let you know something that you had NO idea of. There are actually breeds of dogs that people with allergies to them, can have! These type of dogs have HAIR and not FUR. The fur produces dander and sheds and this is what causes people with allergies to have the bad reactions to dogs. ( I myself am HIGHLY allergic to cats. THANK GOD I am not allergic to dogs!)  She named off about 15 different breeds of dogs that you could have with no problems! You were ecstatic! So, the hunt begins!

Even thou the following list of dogs are hypoallergenic, meaning they have hair and not fur, they still need all the kind of care just like any other dog. Playtime, attention, training, socialization, walks, grooming, shots, etc. So, you still have to be a responsible dog parent.

Here’s the list of Hypoallergenic Breeds. Produces NO dander. Has hair not fur.

1, Mini Schnauzer (my favorite)

2. Poodle

3.Bichon Frise

4.Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier

5. Yorkiepoo

The above breeds would be best for bad allergy sufferers.

Non Shedding Breeds Produces minimal dander and has hair not fur.

6. Maltipoo

7. Maltese

8.Yorkshire Terrier

9. Basenji

10. Airedale Terrier

11.Bichon Frise


12. Cavapoo

Here are the low shedding dogs. Produces minimal dander and has fur.

13. Goldendoodle

14.Shih Tzu

15. Havanese


17. Coton de Tulear

18. West Highland Terrier

I myself LOVE the Mini Schnauzers. They are very intelligent, easy to train, loyal, a great guard dog, and bring so much joy to a home. I’ve had different breeds all my life and they are my favorite. My second favorite is the Airedale Terrier. I’ve had 3 Giant ones. They are excellent watch dogs, great with children, extremely loyal to their family. Airedales do need a strong hand with gentle training as they are STUBBORN. They are like a puppy for the first 4 years of their life and into EVERYTHING!

So, do your research, and find out what hypoallergenic dog will suit you and your families needs and desires.  You’ll be glad you did. A dog brings so much love and joy into your life. Have fun on your search and prepare yourself for your new 4 legged friend and new member of the family.

And, as you know we at believe A House Is Not A Home Without A Woof! Thanks for reading and check us out.

The dog in the above pic is my own little Mini Schnauzer. His name is Ollie (AKA Oliver when he is misbehaving!)

March 20, 2021