The Importance Of Microchipping Your Dog or Cat

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Don’t know what Microchipping is? It’s the best thing you can do for your dog or cat before they become lost.

A microchip is a chip that is electronic and activated when scanned. It is no bigger then a grain of rice and is just like an injection when inserted in your pet. It goes under their skin so doesn’t even hurt them.  You are given instructions on how to REGISTER them after it is done. IT HAS TO BE REGISTERED TO THE OWNER OR THE SCANNING WILL NOT SHOW UP. The chip itself is a minor fee and the registering is free. Make sure that you keep the chip records updated if owner changes or addresses change. If your pet becomes lost there is a much better chance of you getting them back It’s not a guarantee but it IS a much better chance of it. Over 6.5 million animals are picked up and placed in animal shelters nationwide and of that number only about three to four percent are microchipped!  It is permanent so it can’t get lost like a collar or tag can. And it’s piece of mind that you know you’ll get a call about your baby being found and not being given up for adoption because he is so cute!

None of your personal information will be given out. It is safe and secure .You do not have to worry about privacy violations, as microchip manufacturers are obligated to protect your personal information.

Many counties offer free microchipping events so call your local Humane Society or Animal Control. Many feed stores also offer this event as well as the larger chain pet stores.

Don’t delay! Get your pet Microchipped today! You’ll be glad you did if your buddy wanders off.