Braided Bully Sticks-Price Is Per Stick




Barkworthies® Braided Bully Sticks

Barkworthies® Braided Bully Sticks are made by braiding together the popular Standard 6″ Bully Sticks and braiding them together to create a thick, durable chew.™ Bully Sticks are tough and long-lasting, ensuring plenty of enjoyable and healthy chew time. Made from premium quality, South American, 100% all-natural, free-range, grass fed beef, are low in fat and high in protein.

The braided pattern helps prevent tartar buildup, promoting healthy teeth and gums, while helping to prevent bad doggy breath. All Barkworthies® Bully Sticks are completely digestible, unlike traditional rawhide chews. Barkworthies® Bully Sticks are all single ingredient products and no bleaches or chemicals are ever used in the manufacturing process.


  • 100% all-natural, free-range grass fed beef
  • thick, durable and long-lasting
  • low in fat and high in protein
  • prevents tartar buildup
  • promotes good dental health
  • prevents bad breath
  • completely digestible
  • no bleaches or chemicals

ALWAYS supervise your pet with ANY treat or toy.WARNING: Many “animal part” treats have a smell that some find unpleasant and many may be greasy and stain fabrics or carpets.

NEVER leave a dog or pet unattended with bones, chews or treats.