Cassidy's Gourmet Dog Bisket Mix™....Doggie Says "Woof Woof" (Thank you, Mom!)

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Looking for a safe and wholesome treat to give your four-legged kids? Make the smart choice and bake your dog biscuits right at home. We have gathered together all human grade ingredients so all you need to do is add margarine, water, mix, bake and serve. Control the quality of your dogs treats and go the extra step by baking safe and wholesome dog biscuits.Includes:

  • Bone Shaped Cookie Cutter Included
  • Two (2) Bisket Mixes
  • Complete Baking Instructions
  • Dim Weight 2 lbs
  • Most of our products are perishable and therefore cannot be returned and will only be replaced/refunded if they arrive damaged thru the shipping process.