PetsPrefer Calming Formula for Dogs, 60 tablets



PetsPrefer Calming Formula

PetsPrefer® Calming Formula is a complete daily dog supplement with Valerian roots, hops & ginger to help ease your dog’s stress & anxiety. 60 count tablets.

This is the same active ingredient as the PetsPrefer Calming Soft Chews (VPAD) at double the strength.

PetsPrefer® are the only pet supplements available that combine both the highest-quality herbal & natural ingredients with a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Made with proprietary natural chicken liver flavor, they can be fed as treats or crumbled and mixed with food.


Complete daily supplement

Made with natural ingredients

Supports balanced behavior

Promotes relaxation

Reduces hyperactivity

PetsPrefer® Calming Formula Dosage:

  • Puppies & dogs under 20 lb: 1/2 tablet daily
  • Over 20 lb:1 tablet daily

Natural chicken liver flavor.